wedding planning: makeup/hair trial run

Why was I nervous about my wedding makeup and hair trial run?  It is really hard to say.  All of my crazy is coming out right now, in very strange ways.  Determined to not stress or become a bidezilla I keep chaneling my worry into very specific facets.  I was literally losing sleep wondering if airbrush foundation would work on me. It truly is exhausting being this high strung. Seriously. I want to nap on average about every two hours these days.  It could be getting over that sick bout, but I think it is a sick/stress combo.  Back to the makeup and hair.  I LOVE it when someone plays with my hair or does my makeup.  It is so relaxing. My time on Sunday with my mom and Kelly Shiva of Makeup Logic was delightful.  I loved the results, loved the conversations, loved being pampered. Mmm…Someday I would like to have someone do my hair everyday.  When I noticed the Real Housewives fighting over their hair stylists, I too thought it was ridiculous. Now, I could totally picture getting into a brawl over it.

Prep Tips

  • Collect inspiration pictures.  Make sure that the hairstyle and makeup you love suit the style of the dress.  If the dress has a vintage/bohemian/glam look, go with that.
  • Find someone you trust.  This is important.  You may be in love with a look, but that does not mean it will work on you.  I made it very clear that I loved my inspiration photos, but she is the professional and I was prepared to try something different if I needed to.
  • If you are timid (which I can be) bring someone that you can give one look and they will either speak up for you or help you speak up for yourself.
  • Enjoy the moment. Hello?  How many times do you get to do this?


I wanted a classic romantic look that definitely included red lips.  Something I learned:  if you get a makeup artists, they will mix up the lip color they use on you, put it on a bush, and leave enough for night-long touch ups! How rad is that?




  1. That is LOVELY!!! I’m doing hair trials this weekend, totally looking forward to seeing my hair up and tamed. And I totally get the losing sleep thing. I woke up in a frenzy this morning about the ceremony music. GAH! <3

  2. The hair looks gorgeous! Don’t stress- this is your special day. Your makeup will look fabulous, I know it!

  3. I used to wonder why planning a wedding was so stressful. Now that we’re engaged (and it no doubt is still the happiest time of our lives), I totally get it. There is an added stress to every element of planning and pressure that it be perfect. I’m trying to let go of the little things and know that everything will be just as it should and in the end, we’ll be married! But it’s nice to know that other people feel similarly. FYI your hair and makeup look AMAZING!

    • It is nice to know! Thank you so much, btw. I would love to pass on any planning advice if you need it. And in the end, the wedding will happen, and I will be married, so…yeah. xo

  4. It’s perfect, perfect, perfect, but best of all is how happy you look! I love it!

  5. O.M.G. You look STUNNING. Like, above and beyond don’t you think? The hair is gorgeous but not over the top and definitely looks like it’s going to hold up great after hours of dancing and talking… And the makeup is so fresh and natural – it’s not going to distract from your amazing gown… I just can’t think of anything better. I’m so happy the whole thing went well (I knew it would) and I just can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you – you are seriously a beauty inside and out.
    I’m getting mushy… probably because I haven’t talked to you in a few days :)

  6. All such amazing tips and holy cow you look GORGEOUS!!!! Agree with Mols re: the hair…also, just because of the style, if pieces start to naturally fall out it’ll still look romantic and pretty. The red lip is kiiiiind of your signature thing now and it’s perfect for this look. You look so happy in that last picture. Mwah!

  7. Lori

    You look amazing and happy!! So sorry I missed out on going with you. OK, people are starting to look at me now because I am crying sitting here at Claire’s practice. I love you so much and I am SO happy for you and David! XOXO

    • Oh Lor, don’t make me cry. I love you so much and I am going to miss you being there, but I am incredibly proud of Claire and know that we have so many good times to look forward to in the future. All my love. xo

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