ode to casey

I fell in love with Casey’s work over a year ago.  Last week, when I was in Dallas convalescing, I opened up Hello Love Photography and gushed again over Casey’s photo, this time with my mom. I love how Casey and her husband, Troy, run the business together and seem to compliment each other so well.  On a personal note, when I changed my wedding date because I was so early in recovery I didn’t think I could handle the planning, I was completely honest with Casey, and she was genuine and supportive.  I am excited to have someone photographing the wedding who knows all about the blood, sweat, and tears from the last year.  A couple of days ago Casey posted up a favorite moments of 2011 and they were divine. I also love the sweet way the portfolio is put together.  These photos are from Sami and Nick’s wedding.  I don’t know anything about the couple, but looking at the photos I am guessing they are super fun, fabulous, and that Sami is a girlie girl after my own heart.



  1. Wow, these are amazing! Lucky girl!!!

  2. The dance floor shot is my absolute favorite! What a sweet moment!

  3. Shut the front door. These are AMAZING!

  4. wow really beautiful! I love the locket! xx

  5. Casey is wonderful, no? She photographed my wedding nearly 2 years ago… one of her firsts! :)

    Love the blog! XX Lauren Stacks

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