wedding planning: packing

While not exactly a destination wedding, we are getting married in Dallas.  I will be leaving either Sunday or Monday and staying at my mom’s house the week before (to finish projects and spend some much needed time catching up with the people I love there).  This has me a little frantic, since I need to remember and pack everything I will need for the week of the wedding. My mom, that genius, suggested making an extensive packing list.  Today I will be tackling all of my laundry and organizing my jewelry and accessories, that way I can start packing on Friday.  The easiest way for me to stay calm is to make a list and a plan.  I will make plans constantly throughout the day.  I actually used to try and hide this need to have a plan, because I thought it made me a loser.  All the cool kids were super spontaneous and go-with-the-flow.  Now I just put it out there, because I am seriously a calmer and better person with a list and a plan.  I have linked to my packing list, just in case anyone ever needs to reference it.

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