wedding planning: rehearsal dinner

Happy Monday, Luvies! Finally I had David at home and to myself this weekend.  We polished off some champagne, did a lot of brainstorming for the wedding, and practiced singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  I’m not kidding.  We are still learning all the lyrics and harmonies and we need to get the choreography down, but this is going to be our Christmas “thing.”  Possibilities for this wonderful brainchild of mine- blog post (obvi), music video and DVDs as Christmas presents, followed by a live performance Christmas Eve.

rehearsal dinner dress

I am looking for a dress for the rehearsal dinner.  The weather in Dallas is unpredictable to say the least, and in early March we could be looking at snow or 80 degree heat.  I don’t really mind if I am overdressed…I always like to be a little fancy.  Opinions?  Other suggestions?  I love that strapless BHLDN dress, but I am not sure I am going to want to rock strapless.  With a cute cardigan maybe?  Ok, give me all you’ve got! xo

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  1. all of those are adorbs. i love the 2nd and 4th personally. yum yum yum. but the dots would be really fun if you’re going for a playful, celebratory look. man, what a fun problem to have :)

  2. I’m actually going to a wedding in Dallas in March and I will bring a shawl, but I doubt it will be cold, but you never know. So many great choices! I love 2 &3.

  3. You two=most adorable couple on Earth! I must say, I love dress No. 2, but No. 3 also makes me grin!

  4. What a cute idea for Xmas gifts! As for the dresses, I’m lovin’ the super fun and happy dress #3

  5. I’m in love with the second dress… so feminine!

  6. Are there any votes out there for #4? I am kinda head over heels for it!

  7. mary ab

    i looove number 4! also number 2. but i can just imagine you with red lips and looking fabulous in the last one. love!

  8. Well chels I am going to say either the Kate Spade or the bhldn beauty!

  9. I adore that last one. It’s glamorous! xo.

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