wedding planning: save the dates

Things happen. Things change.  And when they do- you roll with the punches (after a few weeks of anxiety attacks and a whole lot of tears) and you hope your friends and family roll right along with you.  Our wedding was originally scheduled for October.  Now, it is in March.  It is not easy knowing that you are inconveniencing your loved ones.  It is also not easy waiting five extra months to marry your love.   The lovely Rose of Design by Bittersweet worked one on one with me through emails and a couple of drafts, and we found a way to ease some of the awkwardness!  I think they turned out lovely, and my step-sister actually texted me today to tell me that they are adorable! heehee! Love!

Step by step instructions for changing your wedding date:

  1. Mourn your original save the date, but then try to forget them forever.  Hypnotism?
  2. Beg your venue to help you move the date at a reasonable price.
  3. When/if this fails, suck up your pride (at this point I had none anyways) and ask you parents to step in and help negotiate.
  4. Let the people know who are coming from out of town ASAP.
  5. Then, find some cute new plan that lifts your spirits and get those new dates out.  If you have a comprehensive email list or a trusty phone tree, you can go that route too.  I’m just a paper girl.
  6. Breathe. Move on.

These were our original cards.  They had hot pink envelopes and little stickers inside to put on your planner that said David + Chelsea and the date. Bygones.

The Wedding Planning Series

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  1. the new ones are DARLING! and i’m sure your friends & family don’t mind at all, just more time to anticipate a beautiful wedding! :)

    • Aw, that is such a good way to think about it. I know it was the right decision…I’ll definitely post about everything that led to the breaking point eventually! You are a sweetie, Kelly! xoxo

  2. your save the new dates are beautiful! i think it’s a very sweet and graceful way to share your change in plans with your guests. breathe and move on is the most important step – don’t give it another thought :)

  3. These are so cute! I actually like them better than the first! Hey, at least you’re not cancelling a wedding!! That’s not a big deal : ) xo

    • Aw, thanks Colleen. I like them better too…Rose is going to design my invitations hopefully and I’ll share them here! Thanks for the support, as time passes I know we made the right choice. xo

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