wedding planning: shoes, round 2

So, after much debate and trying on I have found my shoes!  I went to the store and tried on nearly every pair rounded up by Lena.  And though they were incredible, I couldn’t conceive of rocking the platform or heel for so many hours.  In the end the Jimmy Choo “Isabel” is the winner.  Practical because of the short heel, but absolutely fabulous.  I will wear these all the time and am excited that I will be able to look down at my shoesies and think of the wedding.  I am not going to lie, they are in their box with a spot on the bookshelf right now.  They are too special for the closet just yet.  Thank you, Mom. I love them.


  1. Gorgeous! You just can’t go wrong with Jimmy Choos! And that heel will be perfect- you will be able to dance comfortably all night long! ;)



  2. Those shoes are perfect! Sparkly and pretty but not crazy high. Good pick!

  3. those are SO gorgeous, and you’re right, they’ll bring amazing memories to other special occasions!

  4. I am SQUEALING-they’re perfect!!!

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