wedding planning: the groom

groom/groomsman inspiration

David and I are looking at tie bars and pocket squares for the guys’ look at the wedding.  Suggestions?  We love vintage, but aren’t tied to it.  And I am going to be honest, we don’t have a huge budget.  As in, David stumbled me that Burberry tie bar, and I suggested that we paint hair clips… I know.  Disclaimer: David chose all the photos for this post.  Yes, he is the one in love with Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass.


  1. Oh I love men in suits! :) Good luck with this portion of the wedding- wish I had some advice for you. I know whatever you decide will look great.



  2. Ok I die! Literally! This look is just amazing. I mean Chuck Bass. Need we say more? :) xoxo

  3. You had me at Mr. Bass!!! Love where you are going with this… x

  4. If you’re groomsmen look like Chuck Bass you’re going to have to keep your bridesmaids on a leash. love your blog, am now following you. Hello from London! xxx

    Merry Christmas! xx

  5. I’m CRACKING UP. And also totally jealous that David gets down with Chuck Bass.

  6. love this post… men look so nice in suits and they keep on denying it!

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