wedding planning: the wedding shower

This weekend I drove down to Dallas with my friend Michelle to meet up with David and the rest of the family for my wedding shower.  Two of my mom’s dearest friends threw me a lovely kitchen themed shower.  It was really sweet and thoughtful.  Also, I no longer have any excuse not to cook.  I am stocked up with kitchen gear and family recipes that the guests brought.   It’s exciting, but I am not going to lie, I am feeling a little pressure to become a gourmet chef, or at least make David dinner more than twice a year… Enjoy the pictures!

{My sister Katrina, Me, Meredith, Mom}

{Future Mother-in-Law, Teresa}

{Michelle did my hair and my sisters…amazeballs, right?}

{Gorgeous Coconut Cake by Jackie Spratt}

{Me and Claire}

{Me and my Mom}

{This look sums up how awkward I feel opening gifts for an audience}

(Out to Dinner}

Ok, I just scrolled all the way through the post and realized how many pictures of myself I put up… Do I have an ego problem?  Seriously though, sorry for the bombardment of my face.


  1. This post is really fun! Kinda dreaming about that coconut cake now. =)

  2. What a great party! And you look so pretty. :)

  3. LOVED these pics (and you’re so funny, I loved seeing so many of you as the blushing bride ;) ). Please tell me where that dress is from??

    • Haha, thanks Kelly. The dress is Tibi. I believe I bought it on sale from Net-A-Porter. I’ll keep my eye out for something similar and let you know what I see! xo

  4. It’s nice to get to know you better and see your gorgeous face!! You look so so happy in these pictures : ) And what a lovely flower arrangement!

  5. Kristi

    OF COURSE there are lots of pics of your face… it was YOUR day to Celebrate your even BIGGER DAY!!! ;)

  6. What a wonderful shower, and such gorgeous arrangements, not to mention the stunning bride to be! Tell you what-I’ll send you my fail-proof recipes, and we’ll teach you to cook!


  7. Yes, you’re hair does look amazeballs! Beautiful pics and a beautiful bride! :)

  8. Betsy Cimaglio

    Loved the pictures! Having just been through this myself, I can totally relate to the awkward gift opening! I felt the same way!

    I hope you are enjoying this entire process! From the smile on your face, it looks like you are!!!

  9. Sherrylyn

    You both are so cute! I’ve rarely seen or spoken to a man whose so in love as David is of you Chelsea. Love like this is so rare and I am so happy that you have both found it in one another. May God bless you and your marriage.

    When I first watched The Notebook, I said to myself, I want my own version of “Noah.” I want a man who would love me as much as Noah loved Ally.

    I think you’ve found your Noah.


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