wedding planning: thoughts on veils

I just can’t seem to make up my mind about a veil.  I keep waffling between wearing one or just wearing something simple in my hair.  If you want to throw your two cents in, here is my dress, the venue, some shoe options, oh, and cake ideas! These are some of the gorgeous ladies and photographs that make me veil-happy:

After seeing so many veils, I started virtual veil shopping.  I think my dress would require something simple, and not all of these fall into that category, but they all needed to have their moment!

Kristi Bonnici, Love Waits Shoulder Length Veil
Kriti Bonnici The Only One Cathedral Veil
BHLDN, The Winding Road Veil
J. Crew, Floor Length Bridal Veil
Lanvin, Ostrich Feather Trimmed Veil
{Top photo, Hello Love Photography…aka, Casey, MY amazing photographer!}

The Wedding Planning Series

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  1. Gosh I adore that polka dot veil.

  2. Liz W

    I like veils, but personally I don’t think I could get married without some sort of Grecian/floral head piece.

  3. i wasn’t really into it, but then i tried one on with my dress and found that i loved it. i thought i would make my own since the one i liked was super simple and they cost 8 bajillion dollars, but i ended up making that my something borrowed. since i didn’t have a legit wedding party, i wore my best friend from high school’s veil as a nod to her important role in my life.

    for what it’s worth. amazing how all of the seemingly little decisions become big ones, isn’t it??

    • They are super expensive for pieces of tulle…I love the idea of using it as your something borrow. I will have to start hitting up friends and family.
      Oh, and you are totally right about how everything because a huge decision. xo

  4. Katrina the wonderful

    I love the Kate Moss veil. That is the kind of veil i would want for my future wedding. I also love the ostrich feather one. I like the Only One Cathedral veil and the polka dot one too. all excellent options.

    I think you either need a really simple veil or a sparkly thing for your hair (a little bling, which you always love).

    • Kate Moss’ whole look reminded me of you! When are you going to start pinning inspiration or stumbling to me? You need to come to Houston to help me make final decisions. xo

  5. Oooooh, veils! That first photo is stunning, and all the options are gorgeous! Have you tried a veil on with the gown? It might help you make up your mind, especially since you don’t want much distracting from that gorgeous neckline!

  6. Ooo, so many veil choices.. I think the very first photo is amazing – simple, crisp and elegant. I reckon it’s pretty perfect! And can I just mention HOW INSANE YOUR DRESS IS? LOVELOVELOVE THAT NECKLINE!! It’s absolutely beautiful!


    • Why thank you… I love my dress as well. It is in now and I can’t wait to try it on. I think if I was going for a veil, that first one would probably be it, you are right. xo

  7. for what it’s worth, i wore a veil during the ceremony and then just ditched it during the reception. my mom really wanted me to have one and i wanted to be somewhat classic, but it was nice to leave it behind for the party!

  8. Stephanie

    I know I’m a little late in reading this but I think a veil would look really pretty with your dress. Kinda give it just that extra touch. You should check out Sara Gabriel veils, I know they are a bit expensive but they are very nice and they have some more vintage looking ones. :)

  9. These veils are all so beautiful. For the longest time when I thought of my wedding I figured I wouldn’t wear a veil, but you seriously have me reconsidering that. Especially when there are so many simple, stunning ones out there. And I have to admit, the veil just adds to the fairytale.

  10. i went veil-less and wore a vintage crystal comb which i loved. i still felt very bride-y! whatever you decide will be perfect :) a few shots from our day if you want a peek at my head sans veil:

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