will you be my bridesmaid?

One of our lovely friends just got engaged and is looking for a cute way to ask her maids to join in on the the wedding festivities. There are so many cute ideas out there (see the links below) but I thought it would be cute for this gal to do something thematic. Right now she determined to get married in Napa, and I thought a little care package along the wine lines might be perfect.

ask your friends to be your maids with a little bubbly

First of all, I love these chemises. The packaging, the vintage type. Any kind of fun accessory could work, but I could just picture the maids getting ready in these on the wedding day.
Cute Bridesmaid Accessory

Next, a glass. You can go funky, with hand-painted glasses, classic with Kate Spade, or you can DIY those suckers (not pictured, but oh-so-glittery).

Wine Glass or Champagne Flute

I love the idea of a champagne or wine glass stem wrap as a card, but a classic heartfelt card would also serve the purpose (try Rifle Paper Co.)

Adorable Bridesmaid Card

Now booze it up with a split of champagne, a bottle of wine, or some cider if one of your maids is underage. After you have everything assembled, pack it up. If you are delivering it in person, just hand it over. If you are shipping, you will probably have to have the bottle shipped from an approved source. If this is the case, you might want to write a little note telling the maid that the bottle is on the way. Ok, all I know, is I would definitely say yes and be a trooper.

Cute Champagne Bottles

More cute bridesmaid ideas:

  1. You Can Wear It Again, coffee table book full of gorgeous and hilarious bridesmaid photos
  2. Bear Hug invites
  3. Paper doll DIY bridesmaid card. Here is another version as well
  4. You could give each gal a personalized hanger in anticipation of what will surely be an awesome dress!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my wine stem wraps! What a fun collection of goodies!

  2. Bean

    http://ericakeuterdesigns.blogspot.com/search?q=bridesmaid, it is the second entry on the page. Another take on the wine approach.

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