a day in: Morocco

Ok, more like one glamorous night in Morocco.  But still, we should always aim for fabulous in my mind.  I love these bold colors, the python print, and the awesome shawl is both cute and useful for covering the shoulders when needed.  Anyone want to join me in my fantasy trip to Morocco?

Also, be sure to check out Lena‘s gift guide series starting today! She let me have some fun designing the layouts and I am excited for the first of five, today. xo

1 Eavesdropping Scarf

2 Alkemie Bracelets

3 Satin Palazzos

4 Dune Dust Wafer Earrings

5 Python-print Silk Tank

6 Buckle Slingback Bootie


  1. I just designed an outfit for Morocco as well!! Good to know we picked very similar styles and colors :) :) Love those pants!

  2. Would LOVE a trip to Morocco, just wish it weren’t fantasy! I’m digging those pants…and the tank…the shoes…the bracelet…

  3. Gah, how amazing! Let’s all head to Morocco!

  4. Going tooooo mooorrrrrooooccccoooo! Come with me, why don’t cha?

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