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I know you will enjoy Dana.  She is my Blogshop buddy and writes a beautiful, thoughtful and creative blog.  Enjoy! xo

…to Paris and back

My name is Dana; I am the author of The Dream Bed.  I met Chelsea at Blogshop Chicago, and I’m not going to lie…we totally hit it off.  Ever since August, we’ve been blogging buds.  As you can imagine, I was completely honored when she asked me to contribute to Buckets and Bunches while she gallivants in Paris, France.

I have been know to rock sweatpants on flights, I have to be honest.  Somehow I always pack my finest pieces away, which doesn’t leave me with many travel-day options.  That’s why, friends, it should be all about the accessories.
It is completely necessary to look like a movie-star when landing at the destination (especially if said destination is Paris!), but it’s got to be practical.  Sparkly studs and a oversized scarf/wrap will add interest to any outfit, while still being easy to handle through security.  Bright luggage will make baggage claim a breeze.  And a glitzy compact will touch up a beautiful face a whole lot easier than a buried cosmetics bag will.  Perfection!
1. Antique Gold Compact w/ Blue Sapphire
2. Williams British Handmade Luggage
3. Kate Spade Putting on the Ritz Large Stud Earrings
4. Givenchy Pearl Print Twill Silk Square Scarf
{Paris image, Audrey image}


  1. OMG that luggage is divine! I am obsessed. Very tres chic, indeed!



  2. Love this-trés chic! I’ll have to keep this in mind for our holiday flights!

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