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Last, but far from least, in my guest post week-long extravaganza is Victoria, from VMAC & Cheese! Talk about kindred spirits! She and I share a lot of similarities in our taste and style, so I know you are going to love what she envisions for a Parisian outing. Without further ado, here is Victoria:

If I Woke Up In Paris

Hey B&Bers! Victoria from vmac+cheese here. So stoked to be filling in for Chelsea today while she’s off enjoying married life and the holidays! When I heard that she was headed to Paris for her honeymoon, I was immediately jealous. I’ve put together what would encompass my perfect day there, and holy smokes, do I wish I could make it a reality. I can’t take credit for this exercise in daydreaming though — a ways back, Lauren from the blog Aspiring Kennedy used the guest blogging prompt “If I Woke Up in Paris” while she was traveling to the City of Light. But it just fits for this situation, so here’s my take!

So, if I woke up in Paris…

Any day in Paris is the best day to be alive. Really. I spent ten days there in the summer of 2010 and still regularly get ‘Paris longings.’ In fact, in my head, I finagle it so that every international vacation we plan from here on out will be made with a stopover in Paris!

So, if I could snap my fingers and wake up in Paris tomorrow…

I’d start my day in the bathtub. There is nothing better than taking a bath in one of these tubs with it’s own shower head. I would gladly bathe like this every day versus in a regular ‘ol American shower.

After I was properly primped and coiffed and reeking of perfume (it’s THE accessory in Paris), I’d grab the boy and talk a little walk to the local baker where we’d stop by for croissants stuffed with chocolate and ham (…though not together, of course), and a cup of coffee. We’d enjoy while walking around and enjoying the Paris morning.

The morning would be filled with window shopping and wandering. The best thing to do in Paris is to not set an agenda, and just wander and discover. We’d take a stroll by the Seine, and eventually make our way across the Pont Marie, to the Ile Saint Louise. Hopefully by that time, it’d be late enough in the morning that Berthillion would be open. Nothing like a little ice cream to get your afternoon going!

We’d venture over to the right bank, where we’d happen up on a local farmers market. Not quite ready for a picnic, we’d chat up the vendors (in my dream I can speak perfect French) and they’d give us samples of things to try.

Because in Paris my metabolism seems to work triple overtime, we’d soon be ready for lunch and would find ourselves at Le Comptoir, which I saw on an Anthony Bourdain episode and have been dying to try ever since.

After a good two hour lunch spent sipping wine and people watching, we’d finally get up and waddle over to the metro, where we’d jet over to the Champs des Mars, the beautiful park in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a beautiful day, so what better than to lay out on the grass and watch the children play and just enjoy?

The last time we were in Paris, the Picasso museum was closed for renovations. Now that we’re back (and in my fantasy), the museum is up and running, so after a bit of sun, we’d head over there to take in some art and explore the Marais. The museum is overwhelmingly inspiring, and we’d finish the experience with a walk through the Place de Vosges.

My day in Paris could not be complete without dinner at L’As du Falafel, aka the best falafel you will ever taste. Lucky that it’s so close to us in the Marais. How convenient!

We’d take the metro back to the center of town and warm up with a chocolat chaud at Angelina on the Rue de Rivoli. Stuffed to the gills, we’d walk through the Tuileries and over into the 7th arrondisement, where we’d finish our amazing food filled day with a glass of wine (or two) at Firmin le Barbier. It’s a quaint little bistro on a quiet side street, with a perfect view of the tower as it lights up at night.

Victoria has a lifestyle blog, VMAC & Cheese, and can be found on twitter or pinterest, @vmacandcheese.


  1. Victoria, I’m in HEAVEN-hope this is exactly how Chelsea’s whiling away her days in Paris!

  2. You’re killing me! I really miss Paris now, especially Berthillion, and L’as du Falafel. Nothing like it anywhere else! xo

  3. Stunning photos! I really must reurn to Paris in the New Year – I never tire of this gorgeous city!

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