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I am beyond excited to be traveling to both Charleston and Chicago in May.  I am heading to Charleston with my lovely friend Lissy for a quick little trip that we are over the moon about.  After that I am headed to Chicago with David.  I’ll stay in Deerfield with him during the week and then we will stay in Chicago over the weekend.  Lissy and I have been digging through the archives of Everyday Musings to make sure we have a proper list of places to go and dine in Charleston.  Olivia is such a Charleston devotee and her blog makes the city seem so delightful.

I have also been checking out the site, which has great brands all in the proper traveling size.  I actually think that this is a great way to try out a new beauty product as well.  I am definitely getting a travel size of the next shampoo I am interested in before investing in a full sized bottle.  Sephora also has some great travel sized products, including makeup in adorable mini sizes.

So, I obviously need your suggestions for Chicago and Charleston! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email. xo

(All photographs by Olivia Rae )


  1. I just can’t wait for you to go and tell me all the divine places to visit! A trip to Charleston sounds like a dream!

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