packing inspiration

I always want to look and feel fabulous on vacation, but having Paris as a destination definitely puts the pressure on a bit.  Here was my packing inspiration.  Cliche? Maybe. Classic? I would like to hope.

My plan is black, stripes, leopard and great boots.  I’ll let you know how it went.  My other essential? Red lipstick.  This is the ultimate inspiration picture.

{ Header image via , inspiration photos here}


  1. Hope you’re enjoying Paris, lady!

  2. Paris?! Sounds fabulous. I know you’ll look chic, and your inspiration photos are great direction.

    Post pics!



  3. Black + stripes + leopard and great boots sounds like an awesome travel plan. Have a fabulous time in Paris!

  4. Classic can’t be beat–I know you look spectacular!

  5. that outfit carrie wears when she gets to paris is maybe my favorite outfit of hers on the entire show! Stop by my blog to enter the vintage giveaway … a great style trend to take to Pari!

  6. Your plan sounds perfect to me! I guess it’s obvious how jealous I am right now.

  7. Those four women look so endlessly chic. I’m sure you will as well! I love that bottom left outfit so, so much!

  8. Congratulations Chelsea!! Hope you’re having a blast in Paris! xo

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