two silly girls let loose on Charleston

I took approximately one million pictures in Charleston. Today I am presenting the first batch- Lissy and I, having fun and bein’ silly.

These photos might not be professional grade, but they were fun to take. Above, some rad couple with attitude from the Fort Sumter museum. We started with lovely brunch almost every day. Hominy Grill was a definite favorite. If you are in Charleston, go there. I recommend the biscuits and home fries. Yeah, carb it up. Ah, you noticed the diet coke?  There really is no better way to start the day.

No sightseeing opportunity was complete until we had carried out an artistic photo-shoot.  Acting tough at Fort Sumter, jumping on Rainbow Row.

We ate what was definitely one of the best dinners of my life at FIG and were so stuffed afterwards we collapsed in our hotel room and attempted to document the full feeling.  This progressed into a full on adventure in loopy photography.

Silly is a specialty of mine, and indulging with Lissy was so fun.  Friends since high school, I will keep telling you that this trip was such a treat.  Next up, picturesque Charleston moments.


  1. There’s just something about sharing a hotel room with your best bud–I always end up with the silliest photos!

  2. Lissy

    these pics make me laugh so much! such a great weekend!

  3. Bean

    I love this and I love seeing you two so happy!

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