wedded bliss day 3

Victoria and I were instant blog buds, and luckily cemented our friendship at Alt. Victoria is amazing…for example, she was thinking about leaving her day job when we were at Alt.  She thought about it all weekend, went home, had a serious talk with her fiance, and then she did it.  She took the plunge.  Victoria is creative and a go-getter.  She is so impressive to me.  She launched her new business, Vivaleur, and you must check it out.  A jack of all trades, Victoria offers everything from menu planning to design.  Seriously, love that girl. xo

my best day ever

Hey B&Bers! I’m stoked to be here guesting on behalf of Chelsea as she finalizes all the little details to walk down the aisle!

Chelsea asked me to talk about “my best day ever.” While I’ve had some truly memorable days (and could definitely brainstorm a few more), the first thing that came to my mind was a couple vacations I’ve taken to Mexico with my fiance, Joe. In the summer of 2008, we spent 8 warm, relaxing, margarita-filled days in Cabo San Lucas. We returned again in the spring of 2010, and again last summer, with friends. Combined, some of those days by the beach have been my absolute best day(s) ever!

For those of us riding out the tail end of winter with frigid temperatures, here’s a glimpse of what those gorgeous days by the beach were like:

We’d sleep in late everyday, only to be awoken by the sounds of the ocean (because we slept with the door to our balcony open, obviously!). The greatest thing about these types of vacations is that there is no getting ready to do. You throw on a bathing suit, a cover up, and put your hair into a quick braid (if that!). Presto, you’re ready. After our 5 minute primp sesh, we’d order room service and eat out on our balcony, enjoying the views of the ocean.

Pool time! There’s nothing better than getting down to the pool in the late morning to begin a full day of book reading and yeah, ok, boozing. It’s a tough life.

After a lunch fresh ceviche and ice cold beers, we’d put down our books and go for a walk along the beach. Sporadically placed beach beds were perfect for sitting down and taking it all in.

Our favorite FAVORITE place in Cabo is on Medano Beach. It’s a little restaurant called Tabasco. Not nearly as well known as some of the other big restaurants along that beach, Tabasco is a little hut of a place, with a small deck and lots of tables and chairs in the sand. They have the best steak tacos in the world. Maybe they just taste so good because you sit there eating them with your feet in the sand and the ocean waves crashing right in front of you. Amazing.


Back to the hotel for some down time before dinner! We’d stroll along the beach, watch the sunset, then head in to change. The evening might be filled with a walk into town, a quiet dinner at an Italian restaurant we discovered down a random street…and then who knows where the night would take us!

Now, as fantastic as our typical days in Cabo have been, they’ll be NOTHING compared to the awesomeness that is Chelsea’s wedding. So, from California to Texas, I’m raising a glass in honor of the lovely bride to be!! Love you, sweet girl, and enjoy every second of what will certainly be your best day ever!


  1. Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    What a lovely sounding day indeed! Love Victoria and love the complicity she seems to have with her fiancé Joe :) Chelsea, not long to go until the wedding now! I wish you a fabulous day and every happiness :) X

  2. Gorgeous day! That sunshine makes me long for sun and sand. I adore Victoria! I will have to go check out her new business. :)

  3. I’ve been day dreaming about a little Mexican vacay for weeks–you’ve done me in!

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