wedding planning: off topic

So, I didn’t actually do much wedding planning for myself this week, but my sister and I talked about wedding concepts that she loves.   This is some inspiration for Katrina’s someday wedding.  The idea is a little rough, but rustic-bohemian-butterfly-whimsy is what we have going on right now…with a little Parisian flare sprinkled in.  All images are in the “Chelsea Has Control Issues” board on Pinterest.


  1. What gorgeous inspiration-sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just dream a bit!

  2. hehe my sister and i dream about wedding inspiration too! i love a wedding with whimsy…and those butterflies are lovely! why are weddings soo fun to dream about? ;)

  3. Ah, these look like so much magic. Coming off of having just had my own wedding they really ring true for me… I feel like we did kinda attain that vibe. The lighting, especially—magic. Hey… if you know of anyone getting married who’s on the same dreamy path, please send them my way! I am doing a giveaway this month—shooting an entire wedding for free. But it has to be as magical as this inspiration would suggest. Deets here:

  4. Thank you so much. This has helped give me some new ideas for my own wedding. Wish me luck!

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