anne, darling anne

“I dreamed a dream…” and it was about Anne Hathaway. I can’t wait for that gorgeous girl to hit the silver screen again as Fontine in Les Miserables.

I can’t watch the trailer without my skin bursting into goosebumps and crying. I mean, have you watched one? Go here and here to watch the trailers, but make sure your firsts are full of sweaty balled up tissues and that your voice is warmed up for the singing it will inspire. At least, that is how I do it… Continue reading after the jump. Back to Anne… she rocked it in The Dark Knight Rises. I dreamed of subtle cat ears and red lips for days. I have been drooling over her wedding photos for weeks. I loved her on SNL. So, I am obviously delighted that Anne is gracing the cover or Vogue and pretty much everywhere right now. It reminded me of her many maj moments in Vogue. One of my favorite Anne Hathaway excerpts from her December Vogue interview is about singing the ballad “I Dreamed a Dream”

A few weeks before we filmed it, I realized how I was going to have to sing it, and that it wasn’t going to be pretty,” Hathaway says. “First of all, it could never have compared with Patti LuPone or Lea Salonga”—both of whom have played Fantine onstage—“or even my mom, really: powerful singers with big, beautiful voices. I knew I couldn’t offer that, but I also knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. If I went for sounding beautiful while looking like this tragic wreck, it would be ridiculous. And I saw an opportunity, because of the nature of film, to just go for it and let it be alive and present and raw.

I also loved her talking about just knowing she nailed her audition. Yes yes yes to acknowledging your awesomeness.

Sometimes you leave a room and you feel like maybe you’ve left the door open a crack. This time, I knew that I had slammed it shut behind me.



  1. She’s perfect!!!!

  2. Oh, that is so the feeling of nailing it–I love that!!

  3. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Anne! But I do think she’s a good actress, and I envied her short hair in One Day like whoa!!

  4. I absolutely ADORE her! Sat next to her at a restaurant in London and she was so stunning in person with no makeup on and totally dressed down. Loved her on SNL recently. She can do no wrong.

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