baby fever…

Yeah. I’ve got the baby fever. Had it for years.  I have passed it onto David, and now we dream up future baby names when we get inspired.  I have seen two newborns in the past week- and this is only making it stronger and inspired me to dream up more names.  So, friends, I share my list with you, trusting you not to steal my faves! Ok, you can. I mean, it’s a good list, so I totes understand.  Is anyone else out there a little crazy, thinking about their future non-existent children every once and  a while?

PS: Congratulations to Melissa and Kate.  Melissa, Miles is so handsome and sweet, and I promise I won’t baby-nap him.  Kate, Ryleigh is a doll, love those cheeks and her sweet baby smell. Again, I will not be stealing babies.

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  1. um…i’m sorry, but those are highly steal-worthy. what a list!! some fabulous names you’ve rounded up. how on earth will you choose???!

    and also — may i inquire what font you’ve used for the ladies? it’s fab! ox

    • I know, it was risky putting them out there…oh well. Steal away. The font is called Wisdom Script and it is from Lost Type. This is an amazing resource. The fonts can be free or you can make a donation to support the co-op. Love it! xo

  2. mary ab

    love these! my 2 top boy names are on your list (henry and oliver!). and yes, even though i am scared of children, i still like to think of names! strange, i know.

  3. Those are some strong boys names!! And the only girl names we share is Evangeline! :)

  4. Ok, I want to hear more name ideas. What are your favorites?

  5. I love your list. I’m a fan of shorter names (maybe because mine is four letters) but a lot of yours fall into that category. I’m also a big fan of boys names for girls, like Jordan, Taylor, Logan, etc. Such a fun topic to ponder.

  6. ooh i love so many of these! i have a niece named violet, and she really is the sweetest little babe {and she was almost named charlotte!}

    quinn is definitely a fave of mine too, except that i knew an evil girl in high school with that name…funny how that totally changes perception, right?? ;)

  7. Adrienne

    David just shared your list with me. It’s the perfect distraction as I am working from the hotel today! First, I need to say there are no good italian names besides Nicholas (ha)… My votes go to Nanette and Logan and my vetoes go to Ida and Augustus. xo

    • Adrienne- you are out of the hotel today? Why do they even make you commute? We really tried with Italian names, but they were tough. How can you say no to baby Gus? xo

  8. Katrina the keen eyed

    You put Eloise twice, I think it is a sign!

  9. I have second baby fever and I totally have the names picked out!

  10. I totally love all of these names! And yes I’ve had baby names picked out for years already. The boy name has stayed the same forever but the girl name changes :)

  11. What wonderful baby names! John has already named our two boys, John Charles Junior who’ll be an athlete and play guitar or piano, like his namesake, and Julian Michael, our gay ballet dancing son. Not weird at all…

    • Um, I love that. David has a whole life planned out for a baby: Colt, a football star who studies medicine as well and becomes a doctor. Also, I don’t know why I didn’t share this in the post, but David’s first name is J. Just the letter J. His dad added it on when he was around five to make all of his sons have matching J names. So, his ultimate dream is to put Js in front of the names. Not so sure about that. xo

  12. These names are absolutely adorable! I wouldn’t even be able to pick one :)

  13. Awww! Love your name choices -they are really sweet. My grandmother’s name was Maybelle, and I was wondering if that name was going to come back. And actually, her maiden name was Gray, so I’ve considered Grayson for a boy too! We will most likely use Gray as a middle name next time around.

    Really digging how Southern these names are! Great list.

  14. omg how cute are you! i can totally relate to your womb aches + i love that list of baby names – so sweet.

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