altitude house of cards

I have returned!  Altitude Design Summit was amazeballs.  I found the entire experience enlightening, delightful, smart and incredibly fabulous.  My roomies, Victoria and Molly, really made the conference complete.  Lovely, intelligent, and silly- these girls were exactly my cup of tea.  Oh, and not once during my time in Salt Lake did I receive a strange look about having a blog. Yeah!  I found my people.

business cards i loved

I LOVE this card.  Better half?  Pie maker/pie eater?  Such smart design and an adorable couple.

Here is the round up of the rest of my faves, which included rad graphic design, “style” shakers, confetti, and gorgeous letterpress. Mmm.  Love these beauties.

Business Card Lineup:

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne


Style and Pepper

Shannon Darrough

Marry This

Buy Some Damn Art

Tulip Louise

Visual Supply Comany

The Blog Fairy

A Girl Who Makes

Margot Harrington

What I Wore



  1. Oh goodness, I just love paper graphics. It really is a fine art. Glad you had the greatest time!!! Will we be seeing personal photogs from you of the event? (

  2. What cute business cards! I am so inspired by all these designs- absolutely nothing like the usual boring card. Such fun designers!

  3. Pie maker – Pie eater. I die.
    “Take my card… no really, take it… TAKE IT!!!”
    I miss your face!

  4. Wow wow wow, those business cards look fantastic!!!!!! The Style&Pepper one is genius! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip. I’d love to go myself one year soon too :) And what gorgeous business cards, my goodness.

  6. Dear Lord, it’s official: I need new business cards! Mine are not nearly cute/ stylish/ clever enough.

  7. I love that both of us managed to use “amazeballs” to sum up our alt experience. I cannot wait to tell Katie I met you and to follow your blog!

    Shannon Darrough

  8. Um and you like my card!?!?! I am holding yours right now and the feeling is mutual!

  9. I don’t even know what to type here anymore. Except that I need to plan a Texas trip, stat. We can eat lots of heavy food, but it’ll be cool, because we know how to pull off indigestion poses like whoa.

  10. HOLY BUSINESS CARDS! It’s official-I need to get off my butt and get some letterpressed beauties to match the new site!

  11. Sigh…I have a secret addiction to collecting awesome business cards and this post just sealed the deal – I NEED to go to ALT next year! If not just for the crazy-cool cards! ha!

    And I like you even more now that you used the word “amazeballs.”

    XO – Marion

    • Aw, I am glad you like the use of amazeballs. Sadly (or awesomely) it seems to be my descriptive word of choice! Do go next year, and let me know so we can meet up! xo

  12. WOWza!!! Talk about the best cards I’ve ever seen. I was so captivated by some of them I immedaitely when to their blogs! LOVE. Man, do I need to go to Alt Summit next year. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  13. woe. I’m feeling the need to upgrade my cards big time now! Alt sounds beyond inspiring! Reading everyone’s posts has me thinking about attending next year! You all have come back so giddy and inspired…its contagious! (and the part about NOT getting strange looks for blogging…that made me smile!) off to check out some of these charming links!

  14. It was worth the price just to not have people look at you strangely for having a blog:-)

    There were some great business cards circulating.

  15. I just found your blog and I’m so happy I did! I love reading the Alt recaps right now that everyone is doing. I would love to go next year. These cards are awesome, I love the creativity so many people bring to their business cards. Thank you for the post!

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