When I attended  Altitude Design Summit in January, one of the things I heard reinforced repeatedly by the speakers was the importance of consistency on your blog. This summer I have really let myself down in those respects. I don’t like the feeling when I know I am behind. I know I can do better.  Starting today I am going to take a while to build up some posts, invest some time composing an editorial calendar,and refocusing what I want this blog to be about. I am actually really looking forwards to getting my blog shit together. I think taking a week or two off, and then returning with gusto is important to me, important for readers. xoxo

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  1. HORRAY for gusto, and feeling good about what you’re doing–you know, since you’re fabulous and effing amazing, so you damn well should.

  2. I need to put an editorial calendar as well….and kind of plan ahead. Its hard with a blogging partner to be consistent but we need to get it together as well. Glad you passed that motivation over to me! thanks!

  3. Bun

    you go girl! I like your idea about a calendar…I might have to try that out myself…

  4. We all go through those times where it’s hard to stay motivated! Picking yourself up and dusting yourself off is what matters!! :)

  5. I keep checking…hoping you’ve posted something secretly…haha. Have fun with figuring all this out =)

  6. I keep a list of ideas that strike my fancy on my iphone and reference that when I’m in a bloggin’ funk. I hate not having something to post BUT I hate forced posts even more!

  7. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep up with the good work! ;)


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