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So, my break from blogging obviously took a little longer than expected. Oh, I seriously missed it. That is after I decided that I hated it/couldn’t make the time/wasn’t good enough. So, even though my mantra has always been something along the lines of keeping it real, it is going to get realer. Yes, realer.

personal blogging goals:

  1. Never hesitate to post the things I love. (I have thought before “maybe people won’t get this/me.” Whatever. I’m doing it anyways.)
  2. Talk, highlight, and show off fashion for my size and all sizes.
  3. Be sincere.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Enjoy the process. I am just going to steer clear of the blogging aspects that throw me.

Celebrate with Geronimo Balloons with me, why don’t you? I have to thank Dana, Lena, and Jessica. You all offered support and wisdom. xoxo


  1. Serious case of non-drowsiness tonight/this morning, whatever. BUT HOOOOOORAYYYY! You don’t know how thrilled I am to see a bright and shiny new post on here =) And I was just thinking (literally an hour ago when I was lying in bed wishing for sleep to rescue me) how I just want to post what I like no.matter.what and hope that people who like the same stuff will find me. I can’t imagine what blogging aspects “throw” you, though–you are a rock star at this, xx

  2. Welcome back!! I like your goals….can’t wait to read more. oohhh and I wish someone gave me one of those balloons!!

  3. Dancing at my desk–HORRAY for a post, and for all the ones to come. We love the stuff you love, and we love you. Can’t WAIT to see you. I’m planning outfits and er’thing.

  4. OH I love this. You have a beautiful blog, I am glad that you decided to come back! some times I feel the same way, but your goals are similar to mine!


  5. Lovely blogging goals! Absolutely perfect!

  6. Bun

    AHHH!! I just saw that you’re back!! yay!!!
    Love your goals…all fabulous things I’m looking forward to seeing you stick to :)

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