L’Invitation au Voyage

Did you guys catch the new/first Louis Vuitton ad on tv? I didn’t. Sunday night we were coping with electricity probs at the house in Houston.

The good news is we are in Houston wrapping up all the loose ends. Dallas, this is getting real. Anyways, here it is. I don’t love it like I loved this gem of a Louis video, but that hot-air balloon does sweep me off my feet. Thoughts?




  1. this is probably a silly comment to make, but i love how it looks just like a print LV ad in motion. on another note, i wrote a paper once on sexuality in Dior fragrance adverts and this has a lot of similarities. i wouldn’t be surprised if the LV creative team looked to Dior for inspiration.

    i am so excited for your new life in houston!

  2. Oh la la, I’m in love! Lessons learned–wear tweed with turtlenecks, glue some wainscoting to all available walls and find a hot air balloon asap.

  3. These videos are so fun. Really makes me love the whole LV lifestyle they are selling =)

  4. Ummm, I love it. I want to go to France immediately. And take off from the Louvre in a balloon. NBD.

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