Moody Pink

This post is a little late getting up today. Last night I had a massive anxiety attack that lasted a few hours and interfered with writing a post. I still feel a little rattled, but I am getting on with things. I love pink.

It is no small secret. I think pink is so often thought of as girlie, and cheerful, but these images prove that it can get a little moody at times. Ah, now you are noticing all of the depth? I know. We are thinkers over here at b&b.


  1. Pink always makes me feel a little bit better, happier, and pretty. Great inspiration :)

  2. I’m really, really glad to know that I’m not the only person who has anxiety that gets in the way of blogging.

  3. rox

    lovin these photos.

  4. Oh lady, these images are beautiful. Hope today is lighter and easier. xoxoxox

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