It seems like my life is going to be in flux a little while longer because (drum roll) we are moving to Seattle! David has a year long project there and this time I get to go along.

I know what you are thinking, and after three years of David traveling every week, of course I am nervous that he might drive me crazy! But seriously, it has been a while. And yes, as a person who is constantly overdressed as it is, I am a little worried that I will seriously stick out. Is Seattle as crunchy as one would think? There are a lot of details still up in the air- we don’t have a place, an exact move date, but it is exciting. I love a new adventure.

So, I have a few questions for you: We aren’t sure how we are getting there. We will either be living in Seattle or in Redmond. I want restaurant suggestions, museums, shops, classes… tell me what you know! I have been trolling the few Seattle bloggers I follow looking for tips. I am pretty sure that the place that birthed Nordies must be pretty awesome. xoxo


  1. Cameron

    I love Seattle – and think you will too! It’s similiar to Austin, but has it’s own vibe (and I dress up a bit more on a day-to-day basis but did not feel like I stuck out). AMAZING food and oysters. And the Nordstrom HQ is fantastic as well (could spend hours there). I would definitely suggest stopping by Milstead & Co in Fremont for a latte (best latte I have ever had), Victrola in Capitol Hill for pour overs; and the Walrus and the Carpenter, Bastille, and Anchovies and Olives for dinner. The people have always been very friendly. Enjoy this time!

  2. The first Starbucks too! I went a long time ago and really enjoyed it. It’s a super fun city.

  3. WE WILL BE SO CLOSE! Relatively speaking. OMG. I have a really good friend from college who now lives in Seattle and he loves it. I will be sure to email him for all his favorite things. He has such good taste. And he always said he thought I would love it there. How do you feel about leaving TX??! Such a fun adventure!!!!!!!! xx

  4. OMG. This is HUGE NEWS. OMG. FREAKING OUT. So jealous! I would absolutely love to move somewhere new and exciting with Sasha. – just read this and got really excited. I want to come and visit! Seattle is super high on my US city travel list! And then I looked at this: Oh, this is hugely exciting.

  5. Just saw your h’email–I’m guessing this is part of the SF trip?!?! So excited for you guys–and putting you in touch with all my hip Seattle pals. I think I have one…

  6. Casandra

    Here is a blog I follow from Seattle
    She is super cool and has some posts about Seattle.

  7. No way!! WEll first of all congratulations! This is exciting. I have heard so many wonderful things about the city and the kindness of all its citizens….so I’m sure you feel welcomed. I have never been so don’t know much about it. When do you move? I hope I get to meet you before you go!!

  8. Wow! Huge news indeed. It’ll be a new adventure — and even if you don’t love it (which I’m betting you will!), it’s kind of nice that it’s just a year, and then you have options!

  9. Kerry

    I moved here 5 years ago and while there is WAAAY too much fleece and teva/sock wearing folks, you will be fine. I do not own one piece of fleece and neither does my teenage daughter…
    You just need to layer and well you do know how to do that! Welcome, it is a fun city with a few cool local designers and loads of great consignment and thrift stores. You will love Capital Hill, Georgetown, Belltown and of course Fremont.

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