oh lana

I am completely captivated by Lana del Rey. I am having a re-surge of fascination spurred on by these photos. I don’t mind if this is a persona she created, because truly I believe we all do that a little. Create ourselves. I can watch her in Born to Die over and over. She makes me want to put on false eyelashes and glance seductively at someone. Love her or hate her, this is a lovely editorial. Read on…

(Lana Del Rey, Vogue Australia 2012)


  1. i really *should* love lana. everything about her screams “this is your most favorite celeb of all time!!!” she’s fabulous and ironic and stylish and young, but something about her persona inherently bothers me. i wish i could get into her music so i could fully appreciate the love that is lana.

    seriously beautiful editorial. i need that sweater dress and a floral collar.

  2. I agree, she’s totally rad. Born to Die is a masterpiece music video. I listen to her cd (yes, I actually own her cd) over and over and over. Good choice here.

  3. Colleen

    In love with all these photos. Love Lana. Lana Love.

  4. Such a fabulous editorial–and such a stylish songstress! Her voice is pretty dreamy, but her music so often makes me sad, so I stay away.

    • It is sad. Just like with Joni Mitchel, I can only listen when my head is in the right place. If I am feeling too sad I just have to hold off. I think because she is so theatrical, it takes a little of the edge off. xo

  5. I really like her as well. Every photo she is in is beautiful, but it’s because she does a great job at mixing up her style. I kind of categorize her music as a guilty pleasure.

    Stay in the Lines

  6. I have a serious obsession with Lana- and I couldn’t agree more that we all create a persona to some extent. I think she is vampy and dreamy in the best way. Not to mention, her music is hauntingly beautiful.

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