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This weekend I wrote three dramatically different posts. A style post, a life update/ feelings/reflections post, and this post.

I thought to myself, this blog is getting a little schitzo (don’t worry, I can say that as I also suffer from various mental illnesses). I fretted, thought about asking David what to do, and then though, “well shit, if you can’t express yourself completely on your own blog, there isn’t much hope”. So this week we have the three previously mentioned posts, plus a few straggler gift guides and other bits of inspiration.

As you might have noticed I am delving into fashion blogging one tiny step at a time. It makes sense for me in a lot of ways. Planning outfits and styling myself and others is a very important and joyful part of my life. I have often thought that I would love to be a stylist or a personal shopper. When I delved into personal shopping a few years back, I LOVED it. There is nothing like helping someone feel good in their own skin and celebrate clothes. On the other hand…

I am in recovery from an eating disorder and this girl’s body dysmorphia just won’t quit. My weight changes constantly and I don’t know exactly where I fit in. There seems to still be a divide between the curvy girl blogs and the rest of the bloggers, and I am not sure how I feel about that. Not to mention that in the land of internets, it is a little scary to put yourself out there and provide a forum where people might want to criticize you. Luckily, this is just a little baby blog, so most of my visitors are kind and gracious. I know that every “curvy” or “plus-sized” blog that I follow makes me incredibly happy and inspired. I am on the cusp, in terms of my size. There are times in my life where I am solidly plus and times where I fall below that. No matter what size I am, feeling stylish, getting decked out, and enjoying fashion are always important to me. So, I am doing this people. At least once a week I plan to post outfit pics. My experience so far in taking the pics and choosing which to share has been a mixed bag. David helps me by taking the photos, which is awesome. I have cried, laughed, been fearless, been uncomfortable. I have wanted to photoshop the shit out of myself. I won’t, though. No worries. If one person who is feeling self-conscious (no matter what their size) sees that I am doing this and feels a little better, I will be happy. One thing that always sticks with me from my time in treatment is that you can be a size 0 or a size 20 and be equally uncomfortable in your body. And by uncomfortable, I mean pure hatred and loathing. The truth is, it is not a cliche to say “we only live once”. It is the fucking truth as far as I can discern, and I want to live happily. In honor of this venture here are some of my favorite curvy gal blogs:

Favorite Plus-Size Fashion Blogs

  1. Nicolette Mason: I have been convinced for a while now that we would be best friends. Or at least enjoy scouring the world together for whimsical fashion and all things glittery. Besides her rad looks, I love her thoughtful commentary on fashion and blogging. I have re-read this post about a thousand times. Go there now and read it too! Fascinating.
  2. GabiFresh: Style in spades. Like Nicolette, she breaks the rules for curvy gals, and you never questions her for a minute. Great things are happening for her at the moment, so it’s the perfect time to start following!
  3. Jay Miranda: New mom, fashion blogger, philosopher. This blog is all over the place in the best way. It’s kinda a happy place for me.
  4. The Curvy Blogger: Mandy is an up and comer who should be on your must watch radar!
  5. Girl With Curves: Tanesha is consistently stunning! Such an inspiration for me, I just love her style, her go-get-it attitude, and her adoration of leopard.
  6. Born in Sequins: Brittney scores major points in my book for her blog name alone. I love her eclectic style and willingness to just go for it. Her writing is poingnent and fun.
  7. Francetta Johnson (formerly Frantic Dreams): Pure love for this gal. I haven’t been able to get this look out of my mind for months! Her “Girl of My Dreams” series is fab.


  1. Love your honesty and humor, Chelsea! I don’t think your blog is getting a “little schitzo”, just more real and fabulous! xo

  2. Great post! Thank you for being so real!

  3. i am so excited that you’re A. joining me in schitzo fashion-body image-lifestyle blogging and B. sharing you fab outfits with the interwebz! you inspire me to be a better blogger, better dresser, and a better woman. <3

  4. Hey! Take it easy on yourself :) Snapping outfit photos is tough at first! I was SO uncomfortable my first few times doing it…but the more you do it, the easier it’ll get. I’m not plus size, but I’m not a size 0 either, nor do I have skinny long legs…but it’s definitely so much fun to do outfit posts that getting through all the uncomfortable-ness at the beginning is worth it! :) I look forward to seeing yours! :)

  5. Wow!! I am also in recovery from eating disorders and struggle with body dysmorphia!!! Thank you for your honesty! I wish we weren’t so hard on ourselves. Annnddd…I go through schitzo blogging almost every time I create a post so I feel your pain. haha! xoxo

  6. What a great round up of blogs. Thanks for the tips. I fall somewhere in the middle myself so I understand exactly what you mean. I just started reading your blog and love the posts and subject matter. Keep it up ;)

  7. You are absolutely gorgeous. I’m so serious – look at the featured image. I love reading your blog and I think you are incredibly inspiring. Love love love you! Keep it up!

  8. The best part about having your own blog is making it your own. I talk about everything under the sun on my blog & I’ll admit I’m all over place, in life & in posts. But it’s my lil place so I can do whatever I like. If you want to do fashion posts by all means do them! From a quick scan of your blog you take beautiful pictures & I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts! =)

  9. These girls beat me to it, but you are damn fabulous, and so is this magical, glittering corner of the internets. No one’s life is all outfit posts or perfect parties or even stiff drinks (although I think I could go for that this week), and your blog is simply an amazing expression of an incredible woman. xoxoxo

  10. rox

    Chelsea- I loved reading this post…and on so many levels…

    first, how honest you are to us readers. I really feel like you’re growing more and more as a legitimate blogger – and it’s your candid approach (and humor) that’s making that come to fruition for you!

    second, I appreciate your honesty regarding your body image, being fabulously curvy (I’m in the same boat!) & deciding where your blog fits into the landscape of things. I know we all face certain insecurities- and it’s nice to see someone take them head on. honestly, I think you’ll find that your site will end up carving out its own little home in the ‘blogosphere’…

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