poppy and pink

I needed a break from words today… Just one of my favorite color combinations of all time, though only when it veers away from preppy towards something a little sexier. I currently am sporting the combo myself. Do you have certain colors that just make you happy when they come together? Just a warning to you, don’t start saying poppy out-loud or to yourself over and over. It is one of those words that when said one to many times might as well be oompaloompa!
poppy and pink


  1. Pretty pretty. As kids my sister and I had an outfit (matching tee and stretch shorts) of pink and orange stripes. It was more Amanda’s than mine (obviously, a hand-me down), but every time I see that combo now it makes me smile. I don’t know if I have one that solely applies to me =)

  2. This is such a gorgeous collection. It’s definitely white for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

  3. Its one of my all time faves! It reminds me one of Miles Redd rooms that is heavenly all pink and red!

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