Here is the deal with me and Texas…I have been wandering away from it since I was eleven. That was the year I started doing CISV, an international children’s camp. I left for Portugal with AFS as a high school junior. I hopped an international flight to get to my college. After Switzerland there was Boston. My wanderlust knows no bounds.
I returned to Texas, for health / need familial support issues, in 2007. I lived in Dallas, Houston, Dallas. I felt a love hate thing with Houston. Loving people, hating the weather and scenery. Dallas was pretty much the same, but with a layer of nostalgia with it being my home town. This move to Seattle has been such a breath of fresh air. A breath that we aren’t ready to exhale. I don’t know if we will leave when David’s project is over. We would have never chosen this city before ending up here, but we totally dig it.

Today I head home. The trip will be just long enough to make me feel guilty for not spending enough time with everyone. I am dreading the summer weather. I miss my people, of course, but that’s it. And yet…

When I am away from Texas I have so much pride you can’t even look at me. That’s how shiny with home-state pride I get. The other day I ran into the other room to tell David how sad I would be if our kids didn’t say ya’ll, or coke (for ALL sodas), or have an accent that makes appearances when tired or drunk. I feel a little panic at the thought of severing ties.

Luckily, we have a grace period to decide what to do with ourselves… but it is on my mind, since I fly home tomorrow. Excited for the love and the fun. And the margaritas. Better yet, a Mambo Taxi!

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  1. My parents grew up in Chicago and my sister was born there, only moving to Missouri a year or two before I was born. To this day people still tell me I have a little Chicago in me when I speak. I think if you still said coke and ya’ll, your babies will grow up saying them too. They might just get funny looks like I did (all my life). A lot of it has to do with family and what is most commonly said in the home.

  2. This post makes me proud. I too have constant wanderlust, and I only became a US citizen in 2011, but boy, oh boy, do I love Texas. In fact, I think it’s what makes me love traveling so much. I can go and experience the most amazing cultures, food, sites, etc., enjoying every moment while it lasts, and still know that I’m returning to such a great state. With this said, I would totally pack up my bags and come and live on your couch in Seattle (largely due to the pom-poms that would hang over my head).

    xoxo enjoy your trip home!!!

  3. Need to visit Texas for sure and now you have me craving a margarita!

  4. Katrina!!

    do you say coke for all sodas? I don’t. I am so so SO excited for YALL’S visit though!

  5. Oh the humidity! It is like soup! I’m in Houston now, my first time in Texas, visiting a friend. Austin this weekend, so excited! Enjoy your family visit :)

  6. Kristy

    Yes, coke for ALL sodas! People never seem to believe me when I tell them this.

  7. John’s drunk Texan is my favorite thing.

  8. Dear Chelsea,

    Come back. I miss you!


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