where are you going?

Did you ever journal?  I kept a journal for years.  All through high school and into my first years of college.  I still have them, because it would be dangerous to leave them anywhere and have them broken into, obvi.   I carted my journal with me everywhere.  I have conversations and notes from my friends scattered throughout my writing.  Honestly, reading back in time is tough.  Some things, like the list I posted today, were funny and sweet.  There is a lot of sadness that I didn’t know how to handle. There are pages of calorie counting and weigh ins.  But my journal was also a place to collage and dream.  They are priceless to me. So, Lissy and I read through them together the other day and found a list we made as sophomores in high school…a “dreamboat” list.  Here are some of the qualities we were looking for in a dreamboat June 14, 2002.

  • Crinkly eyes
  • Gives and uses nicknames
  • Spontaneous gestures
  • Very affectionate
  • Strong Morals
  • No pressure
  • A willingness to give in
  • Very supportive
  • Knows how to give sincere compliments
  • Not afraid to get up and dance…or be sweetly shy, but can be tempted
  • Sense of humor
  • Not too perfect
  • Loves to eat
  • Never makes you feel like a burden
  • Gives back rubs
  • Plays with my hair
  • Proud of your accomplishments
  • Visibly infatuated and in love

And I will leave you with a poem Lissy jotted down on the adjacent page.

Where are you going?
To a faraway land?
Where dreams
and honey and ice cream
all collide?



  1. OOH yes journals. I was a major journal keeper. I have a weakness for notebooks in general. =) I was very distressed as a child though, so reading them makes my heart break.

  2. I started keeping journals in 2001, and plowed through about 17 of them between high school and college. My writing has slowed significantly, but I still drag a book around with me at all times, and my stack of journals past is kept in a basket under the bed. It is hard to look back on what I wrote during those years, but it gives me such an appreciation for how far I’ve come, and where I am now. I’ve been trying to make an effort to write more–no use in dragging the book around if I’m never going to use it!

    I love your collages and list–reminds me of my younger days :)

  3. I didn’t regularly journal, but I would buy a new one for every trip I took–I have half filled journals from 3 weeks in Paris, Rome, London. The most painful is the journal from a choir trip to Vienna/Budapest with my on and off boyfriend in tow, but those memories are so dear to me, even if I cringe at what I thought and did at the time. I think the thing I’m most grateful for is how much I’ve grown since then, and I know you have, too.


  4. What a neat post. I hate to say it, but if I were to look back through my own journals I am afraid I’d be sad myself. Lots of writing about guys that really weren’t worthy of my time, etc. I am glad you wrote about funny, happy things too! Your “dreamboat” list is filled with wonderful, unique characteristics.

  5. Lissy

    This is quite the list! I love thinking back to when we made it… xoxo

  6. Ha!! Yes, I journaled all throughout high school, in regular spiral notebooks I’d get from Walgreens. They’re still somewhere in my mom’s garage I’m sure. I would LOVE to see what I wrote in them.

    So, I take it David lived up to your DreamBoat standards, and then some, right??? :)

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