5 videos guaranteed to make you smile

This might be one of my silliest posts yet- but don’t you need that sometimes? I know I do. Here are some of my no fail happy videos… These are the kind of videos that I have been known to turn to when David is traveling and I am alone with the dogs. Insomnia can play tricks on you, anxiety builds, but if you put Marcel on at the right moment, all of that can fade away. I know, I deserve a Nobel prize for recognizing their potential and then lining them up all in a row for maximum impact. You are most certainly welcome. Oh, and please share your favorites with me. This is a tiny list. I didn’t  even consult my go to girls for recommendations. Lissy, Michelle, and Katrina, I mean you. Bring on the celebs and the cute animals.

  1. An addictive kind of loveable.
  2. Heartfelt and sweet, Marcel is such a crowd pleaser.
  3. I know, I have shared it before, but, come on. Indulge me one last time:
  4. You might know Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening, Glee, or just be a weird fanatic, but I am pretty sure this will charm you.
  5. Just watch it. I mean…

Photo from this amazing project!


  1. I love that Kristen Bell video. It always makes me laugh/smile–mostly because I’m the same way with crying. Too happy or too sad, and I’m dunzo!

  2. I only watched one so far and my face hurts from the smiling/laughing! Definitely saving this page :)

  3. Oh god, mama and baby kitten snuggling gets me EVERY TIME. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw4KVoEVcr0

    Also, anything with mouse lemurs, my spirit animal.

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