weekend with ikea and dutch babies

I guess I should stop making statements about the highs and lows of my days/weeks/weekends like it’s a surprise/something new/unusual. It seems to happen all the time. Our Ikea trip, for example, started with happy loving reminiscing. Um, does that sound weird? Since David and I met as college students in Switzerland, Ikea shopping was a frequent activity. We shopped around, stopped for a meatball lunch (…David…) and then. Well, then David realized he threw away our list with his lunch… That list that has the coordinates of where to pick up your things in the giant warehouse? Ugh. Things went sour, fast. In the soul suck that is Ikea I started losing my mind. I wanted to buy horse cake pans. I got too silly and there was an injury which led to scolding, which led to tears. The trip ended smiling again though. There was a young boy in the parking garage who we could hear tell his Dad ” I love you.” As the dad walked away the boy just kept yelling after him that he loved him and they were best friends. My womb lurched.

In other weekend news we went to a movie at the Cinerama on our block. Holy fabulous movie theater. They had a chocolate mix popcorn, mini cupcakes from a local bakery. The ceiling in the theater had those sparkly lights that look like stars. I fell in love and am devastated that I won’t be in town for the showing of Game of Thrones next weekend. We also had an amazing brunch at Tilikum Place Cafe. The friendly guy at the dog park with the Scottie recommended it and then I found it listed on EVERY best brunch list. It did not disappoint. Have you ever had a dutch baby? It’s like the baby of a pancake and french toast. A baked egg battered pancake concoction. I had the savory one and it was amazing. Along with a mimosa and coffee it was perfection. Did I mention the hundred babies in sailor stripes that never cried? Womb. ache. Afterwards we strolled down to Pike Place Market, around the the bookstore and back home to order in, do laundry, and assemble Ikea furniture. Ah. Domestic bliss. What did you do this weekend? Fight? Laugh? Cry? Wish for babies?

cherry blossoms Chelsea 2 fresh fish yum tulip tulips 2 Starbucks

Thank you, David, for the photos of me, Starbucks, and Cherry Blossoms. Since you helped me so much, I will include this photo of my granny bunching tights which you declared art: soggy tights


  1. Artistic! What a great weekend, babe!

  2. You look so pretty – and happy :)

  3. oh my god, that first pic is the cutest ever!! you are sooooo beautiful. i love this post!

    • It was kinda an amazing thing- David always takes pictures of me that I hate. So this was awesome. Thank you so much, Kelly. You always make me smile and have a good day. xo

  4. I can sympathize about IKEA, my fiancé and I just moved and what was supposed to be a one-hour trip quickly turned into four!

    Looks like you’re enjoying your new city!

  5. Sharona

    sounds like a fantastic weekend! such beautiful photos — the enthusiasm with which you wrote about your weekend shows on your face!

  6. Looks like a darling weekend! I had tears for sure, also some laughs with a few unbecoming snorts.

  7. What a delightful weekend! Looks like so much fun! And I love your orange tights! So cute :) xo

  8. I swear, once I got excited that we had managed to survive IKEA without biting each others’ heads off….and the situation at checkout/delivery suddenly took a dramatic turn for the worst.

    BUT horray for happy weekends, delicious brunches, and how crazy gorgeous you look. xoxo

  9. I do know about Dutch babies! My friend makes them and she loves inviting my daughter over for a playdate with hers and making dutch babies for them….isn’t my little one lucky?? AMAZING photos!

  10. LOVE Ikea shopping! And def brings back memories from college :)

  11. love your blog- these pictures are all so pretty! thanks for checking out our blog. we will be back to yours very often :)

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a movie theatre with snacks that awesome, but I have had a dutch baby and they are heaven!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  13. Love the new look of your blog!! Fantastic job. You are glowing in these picture pretty girl!! Simply beautiful! xoxo

  14. THIS POST!!!! AH. Makes me so happy! You are so so so so gorgeous! Seriously.


  15. rox

    gorgeous photos of you chelsea!! you and hubby have got to be having a blast exploring a new city…xoxo

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