and so it begins

Today my sister, Katrina, and I embark on the road trip from Dallas to Seattle… It was not easy to fit everything I wanted in my small-ish car, but somehow I am managing. Downsizing is a bitch. Anyways, we are hoping to make it to Ellis, KS today! Since we are traveling with two dogs we used this website to find dog friendly hotels along our route and weather underground to check conditions along the way. Wish us luck! We have a few audio books and the This American Life app, obviously, but we could use more suggestions! Games, maybe? xo


  1. rox

    how exciting! that’s going to be such a fun adventure!! I hope you take a million photos while on your road trip. you stopping in LA at all by chance? ;)

  2. Horray for the start of your road trip!! You’re reminding me that I’ll probably need to figure out what to do in the car with John this summer…

  3. Ooh, I’ve never been that far west in KS! But a sister road-trip sounds so wonderful. When you are feeling a bit delirious, MadLibs are the greatest. Also, I would definitely look up those quirky landmarks like in the movie Michael. Largest ball of twine anyone? I’m sure you’ll run into some of those hehe. Safe travels!

  4. A road trip sounds so fun right now! Safe travels!

  5. I always rely on audio books for my long rides. Sometimes even a little bit of an Italian lesson in itunes :)

  6. Eeeeps!! Pictures, pictures, pictures, please!!!!!!

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