belated weekend glimpse

I had a lovely Easter weekend.  As lovely as a weekend can be when on pain killers and unable to breathe out of one’s nose.  Seriously, I wish I had bruising from this surgery, because I feel like I had to compensate for the lack of visual reminder that I was in pain.  Yeah, I tried to milk it, but it was a pretty no-nonsense crowd. We had a great brunch with my dad and Trish, and a lovely dinner with my mom and Paul and some more of the fam.  There were coloring books and a light-up chicky, so we were pretty content.  I know these photos aren’t stellar, so thanks for sticking by me! I should be back to norm soon…I keep hoping that I’ll wake up feeling healed and like new, but it is a little more gradual than that. 

My mom and my cousin Madeline both showed up looking very boho-chic! I loved it.

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