On Friday I flew to Chicago to meet David.  I got there late Friday night so we ordered room-service at the W Lakeshore where we stayed.  If you are there- have the three cheese grilled cheese sandwich.  With arugula and bacon it was pretty incredible and came with a side of truffle fries. Yum!  Our room had a fabulous view of the lake…

Saturday we slept in and then headed out to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  First of all admission is free (yay) and the polar bear was incredible.  It took running leaps off of the land part of the habitat and tackled toys in the water.  The polar bear was huge, powerful and graceful.  I could have watched it all day.

After a late lunch and a long walk across Chicago we took a nap, obvi.  And took silly pics lounging around.

We rallied, gussied up, and headed out to dinner.  After dinner we sat on the patio at the hotel, grabbed a drink in the bar and headed to bed.

We realized our view would be perfect for watching the sunrise, so we actually got up at 5:15 to watch it.  It was pretty, and fun to get up, snuggle and watch it, then go back to sleep.

Sunday morning we had brunch outside with one of David’s friends.  I love brunch. I seriously dream about brunch.  We visited the sky deck at Willis Tower and thought I was a bit giddy and jittery at first it was pretty awesome to just stand, jutting out into the sky.


  1. CUTE. I’ve gone to Lincoln Park Zoo so many times in my life, but it never gets old. And it will always be the Sears Tower to me…the sky deck is so much fun!!

    • It really doesn’t! I will be in Chicago again this weekend- suggestions? Will you be around? xo

      • Duchamp is a really cool hole-in-the-wall restaurant (ghost chairs and sits about 50 people (really good creme brulee)). I also love the Museum of Science and Industry…mostly for the Fair Castle. Years and years ago my family took a boat tour of the river, which could be fun depending on the weather. I mostly know suburb hotspots (i.e. eateries). If you feel like shopping, the Victoria’s Secret has the sensor booth that measures your size and recommends your best fitting bras (for free). Really close to Tiffany’s too. ;)

  2. Your photos are amazing! And now I miss living in Chicago :)

  3. I was an intern for a law firm in Chicago some years ago. I loved going to Lincoln Park Zoo. Happy Monday

  4. So sweet! Chicago is my home sweet home, the best city! XOXO

  5. I love your photos! I’m going to Kentucky over Memorial Day weekend, but stopping in Chicago on the way back. I forgot all about the ferris wheel and need to do that!

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