counting down and rainboots

I am in an odd place in my life these days. I have been living nomadic-ally since last May when I moved into the garage apartment of my most beloved friends/work family. We officially put our life into storage in November when we left Houston and I have been living at my mom’s house since then. I am pretty sure we have wedding gifts that we haven’t touched yet. Today we officially got an apartment (through David’s work) and our move to Seattle is starting to feel real, but hasn’t sunk in… bee 22

I am leaving in a week. I haven’t really packed anything. My kids that I watch keep telling me they will miss me, but it doesn’t seem real. Well, maybe that’s not quite it. We have moved so often over the last few years I barely feel like I have roots. I am saying goodbye to friends and a work situation that I said goodbye to three years ago almost to the day. I know I am sad, but I can’t feel it yet. Perhaps because I am excited as well. To see and live in a new city, to actually live day in and day out with David for the first time in three years! I am preparing by buying rain boots. I accidentally packed my beloved Tretorns in our inaccessible storage, so I am looking for new ones now. I feel like I will need them almost daily in certain seasons, is that true? Ah, I am totally open to any and all Seattle/rain boot suggestions. xoxo
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  1. What a fun adventure you are about to embark upon! I’d never have the courage to up and move.

  2. Okay, I feel like I can relate a little to this exciting adventure! Alaska is a whooole different kind of place, and I can see Seattle being similar. As a proud owner of the hunter green wellies (knee high) and I tell you how I’ve found them to be a little limiting. I don’t have stick thin legs, so they bunch up sometimes. I feel like my walking is exaggerated when I wear them. I would defnitely go for something shorter on the leg…like mid-calf. That is the height of my new snow boots and I’ve walked over two miles in them and they felt great. I don’t know if the rain falls straight down, but in Kansas the rain comes in every direction…so no matter what you wear, you’ll always be soaked. Fun, right?
    The good thing about Seattle is you know it is temporary. I still remind myself that we aren’t staying in AK forever, that I only have two more winters to live through, and that it will all be okay. One year will seriously fly by. Especially if you have visitors, or make the most of your new location. =) Good luck on your move! I hope this means I can see your face in real life soon!!!

  3. Good luck with all your packing and travels!! I’m sure you will adapt beautifully and enjoy all your new city has to offer.

  4. I’m so excited for you to explore a new city, to put down roots and to get to see that man you adore–and who adores you! But yes, rainboots are a must–as is a good, sturdy umbrella. xoxo

  5. Well, you just answered my question! One week! I’m so excited for y’all. I LOVE my gray Hunters with the navy socks – so freaking comfy. I no longer dread the rain. Seattle is at the tip-top of my ‘go to’ places, so I’m totally coming to steal your couch when the hecticness dies down!

  6. Can’t wait to see your photos from Seattle! Such an exciting time for you and your fam bam!

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