donuts and you’ve got mail

This weekend we…

Took the dogs to the dog park. It is my new favorite hang. I also keep hoping for a meet cute with a new friend. I am ok without friends for now, besides my best person, of course. But it has only been one week. So, that meet cute. It could happen. I guess it would start with Wally humping something. Ah. So cute.
Top Pot

Got a tangible bite of the donuts we have been smelling all week. Yum. We ate them (and later Thai delivery) while watching our newest Netflicks obsession, Skins. Original Brit version, obvi.
couple in the window (Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but that couple was so adorable. And yeah, I felt pretty creepy taking their picture, but whatever. Sweetness needs to be documented)

Unpacked, rearranged, organized, and made lists. This was our first weekend in the apartment and we are still settling in.
david and dixie We spent a little time familiarizing ourselves with our new Samsung tablet. It’s pretty sweet. More to come on that one.

Dreamed about a vacation. This was brought on by wanting to decorate the apartment, but prioritizing travel. Now the question is where?
dixie nose wally sleeps

And then on Sunday I woke up having a bad day. A sad, self-conscience, achy, grumpy no good very bad day. I guess we had a 50/50 weekend. At least I didn’t have to panic about making the most of it because David would fly out the next morning. I just hunkered down for a day or riding out some feelings. But what did we do to turn this around? Watch You’ve Got Mail, of course. David watched it for the first time last summer and called me right after in gleeful delight. He was hooked. He sent me daisies the next day. Oh yeah. That’s why I love this guy. My old cheer up movie was Love Actually, which David did not delight in and which we also might have used up for a bit. I still love it, but you know, I’m a bit flirty with other cheerful romantic films. And that’s how it is, fools! What did you do this weekend?

Oh, also. At 8:46 we were waiting for Indian food to be delivered. You’ve Got Mail froze, giving me the perfect opportunity to rant:
Me: Dinner at 9pm? Who eats that way?
David: Um, Europeans?
Me: Right. And young people. I am obviously an old grumpy American grandma and always have been. Always will be. I will not stand for this!

PS. Did you overdose on photos of Wally and Dixie? Well, until we are blessed with babes I am going to intensify my already obsessive relationship with my dogs. Are you on board? Good.



  1. My husband and I eat around 8 or 9 everyday, I think its romantic. And, I say take as many pictures as you want of your cute fur babies.

  2. I’m very okay with Dixie and Wally cuteness popping up in my social media. Cute post today, with the personal photos and recap of your first week =) I’m dreaming of a beach vacation to get away from all this snow…but Missouri works for me too ;)

  3. Ok as bad of a mood you were in, those cute puppy faces had to make it a little better! So stinkin cute.

  4. oooh, you had me at donut — they’re my weakness!

  5. Indian food and You’ve Got Mail?!?! BEST WEEKEND EVER, even if Sunday sucked it up a little. I seriously love that you could just ride the shitty day and know that no matter what, you still had your favorite there with you the next morning.

    PS–would totally be your Seattle friend. xox

  6. Those doughnuts!! YUM!! your pup is precious!! How are you liking your new home? Do you miss TX?

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