dreaming of travel

I am so in my head right now…and a lot of it is dreaming about taking a vacation.  I love to travel and these images make me get itchy feet.

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  1. Ooh, I am in need of another vacation…the honeymoon flew by!

  2. Grace Garcia

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Love your style, links, pics, everything :) And btw, where is the first pic of?? xo Grace

  3. Ali

    Oo la la. These pictures are heavenly and make me want to be on a beach somewhere right now!
    xox- Ali

  4. Take me with you? I meditate on a Mexican getaway to our favorite little out of the way place to fall asleep every night…

  5. Cassandra

    Geez! Those photos are just so lovely especially the first one with very clear waters. I suddenly ache for a vacation as well. ha! Thanks! :)

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