first impressions

First impressions of my new home:

  • The rain really is as persistent as everyone said. Sorry if I rolled me eyes at you. I feel fairly certain my eyes and the rolling are some sort of affliction.
  • We live on the opposite side of the block as Top Pot. I haven’t eaten a doughnut yet, but the air smells like fried deliciousness and cinnamon/sugar for a full two block radius. It’s phenomenal.
  • Our apartment has quite the sterile-hotel vibe happening. It is corporately furnished, and I am grateful that it isn’t gaudy. It does sport no less than three photographs of landscapes, but thankfully they don’t have positive affirmations printed on them. I am not sure how much to delve into personalizing. We probably won’t be here longer than a year.
  • Wally, my weird little sun baby pup, is sinking into a depression. He jumps back into bed after our morning walk and buries himself. It is so pitiful, I don’t even know what to do.

I think I am going to love it here. The trees, the waterfront. I also think it will take some adjusting. How do you walk your dogs in the rain everyday and keep them pleasant as well as the apartment? I also need to figure out public transportation and other practical details. I am still looking for Seattle advice, so bring it! xo



  1. Hey, remember my monsoon season post? Simon has a rain-suit that is perfect for rain and snow. Tootlewear on etsy =) Morning walks sound lovely, and so does living close to a doughnut shop!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your Seattle adventure!

  2. Fried magic air? Oh my Seattle, you sound amazing!

  3. Oh gosh, corporate apartments! You must must must decorate! Pick stuff that is transferrable – and what if you end up staying longer? My corporate apartment in Oklahoma was depressingly sterile and I wish I had done something about it. You have amazing taste – do something fun. I hope you got cute rain boots!

    • Ok, I think you are right. I am trying to convince David. He is being cheap. Haha. I am thinking a rug, new lamps, throw pillows, and art. That’s not too much, right? :) xoxo

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