guest posting and happy adjustments

Today I am guest posting over at VMAC and Cheese. Victoria is an France (lucky/she-deserves-it) and I am delighted to be a part of a guest blogger series  that includes some of my favorite bloggers. I did some major sharing over there today, so over here it is still a light week. Regular posting resumes on Monday. I hate being inconsistent over here, but this adjustment back to full time nanny-hood and living with the fabulous family I work for has included some major changes. It is delightful, rewarding, exhausting and then oh-so-tempting to chat and sip wine with Yolanda all night long. After a day of kid talk, grownup time with Yolanda feels like a delicious treat. Anyways, I would be honored and delighted if you head over to the guest post and we will get back to daily check ins pronto. Don’t these bathing beauties just put a smile on your face?


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  1. I was just thinking how I missed your regularity!!

  2. These bathing beauties are darling, but your post is perfection. It’s funny, I ruined an afternoon with John recently with exactly the same kind of nonsense, and not only was it a terrible downer–I expected John to fix something he can’t entirely understand! Here’s to living in the moment, saying yes, and embracing joy wherever you find it!

    • That is exactly what I am talking about. I just wanted him to say the perfect thing and solve a lifetime of insecurities and chemical imbalance. Sigh. Of course you get me, love. xo

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