holiday traditions

I love Christmas traditions.  My favorites included dressing up on Christmas eve, opening and wearing new pajamas that same night, reading ’twas the night before Christmas, having a special sleepover with my sister and waking up EARLY.  I used to set my alarm to make sure that I woke up early enough.  I. Was. Serious.  Katrina and I still have Christmas eve sleepovers in our pajamas, even if that means me, David, Katrina, Dixie, and Wally have to find a way to fit in the same room.  I still wake up ridiculously early Christmas morning and am very impatient waiting for the rest of the family.  We have added on new traditions that I love over the years.  When my dad started dating his fiance she brought over British Christmas crackers and we open those at dinner now and wear the crowns.  We have implemented PJs all day on Christmas.  David is a part of my Christmas now and we make sugar cookies together.  My friend Lissy joins our family every year, and we watch Meet Me In St. Louis- I always cry.  So, tell me loves, what are your favorite holiday time traditions?

Katrina and I in our hand-painted Christmas garb.  I’m the snaggle-tooth.

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  1. That photo of the two of you is SO DAMN PRECIOUS. John and I just exchanged gifts last night, and we both gave each other new jammies!

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