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It was sunny and oh so fabulous in Seattle this past weekend. There are only 50 odd sunny days in Seattle a year, so I am mentally ticking off the days of sunshine we have left. I always have to add things up, subtract them away… In the sense that I worry about how much time I have for everything. NOT in the sense that I can comprehend an inkling of math. Math to me is like this…

On Saturday morning David and I headed out to meet new friends for brunch. That’s right, people. We are starting to meet people here. It is not easy. I am entirely too awkward and anxious, but still. I was nervous when we arrived at the restaurant. Any trace amount of nervousness or excitement makes me feel like I am ready to heave. Just knots and nausea. Turns out, I led us to the wrong location. That did not improve the tummy sitch. Don’t even tell me that you don’t like to be 4o minutes late for brunch with new friend? That is exactly the impression we were going for… The food at Serious Biscuit was just meh, but we had a great time. The little girl at the table next to us overheard me talking about wanting to hike and had her dad write out all these suggestions for me. It was precious. Just talking about hiking I felt like such an outdoorsy gal. It totally counts. After we bid adieu to our brunch buds, David and I walked to the grocery store and pharmacy. It was a beautiful day and we still feel so spoiled getting to walk everywhere. The deck at our building is open now, and I stood on our balcony in the evening looking down on it while people convened, drank beers, ate take out. We can’t wait to get grilling out there, but it was oddly satisfying playing voyeur from seven stories up.

On Sunday David needed a day to work and re-coup. His work hours have been long and draining. We put our beach plans on hold, and I baked up a storm. I made this coconut chocolate chip banana bread and a variation on the momofuku milk bar chocolate chip cake, but with amaretto instead of passion fruit. It looks amazing, and is chilling in the freezer right now. After an entire day of baking and finger licking I had to scarf some pop chips to cut the sugar. That is how it works, right? I told David that I had to do it quick, because I was going to throw up sugar. Sparkling rainbow sugar vomit. Which reminds me, I watched ghost busters for the first time… and, yeah. However, the version of the ghost busters song that is in my head is this one, from be kind rewind.

Anyways, this is the end of my ramble, because I have to haul off and watch Game of Thrones. Duh. What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oh no, forty minutes late?! Ethan and I are both, “If we are right on time, we are late,” kind of people. But I’m jealous you get to walk everywhere…and David wants to hike with you! All that baking sounds divine…I need to get back in the kitchen and do something fabulous…

  2. What an adventurous, delicious weekend (SUGARRRRR)–so glad you’re exploring Seattle, and that you got to enjoy a sunny day! the SF heat wave finally broke, but I can’t say I’m disappointed–I don’t have the same volume of summer clothes I used to!

    • I didn’t bring many warm weather pieces with me either! I know I am going to Dallas in June and I had heard summer didn’t start here until July! Oops. xo

  3. Yes I know, so few days of sun. Seattle is beautiful place but the lack of sun was too much for me. Though I was there for a decade. Fun and interesting blog. Following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of

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