i’m back

So, yeah. I took a four day break from the blog.  My sweetest readers noticed, which was absolutely touching. Being me, I am going to tell you why. I’ll keep it quick, because I am not in the mood to complain. I had a medication change (anti-depressants) a week ago that is taking a bit of a toll on my mood and energy. It’s such a fine line to get that balance. And I know everyone has an opinion about medication, but after a lifetime in my body, I know what I have to do. Also, David and I are in the middle of a couple of huge life changes that are overwhelming us a little (read, a shitload)  So, all of this started snowballing on me I decided to give myself some extra rest and reading time. David was in town for a couple of days, which was delightful, but dropping him off at the airport was even more difficult than usual. But, there were definitely some good times, and here is the photographic proof…

David and I had brunch this weekend at Oddfellows. Holy cow. It was delicious and the wait was nothing when we could stroll around Bishop Arts taking in all the cute shops and atmosphere.  The coffee is sublime, the brisket hash is amazing, and if you walk away without trying a gingerbread pancake you’re cray.

We also celebrated Tripp’s birthday this weekend with a pool party, sangria, and both a water balloon and a silly string fight! It is a matter of mood management and good choices, so I am off on a positive note, ready to have a fabulous week! xo


  1. Well, can I say that I’m personally glad you’re back?? And you look stunning in that picture with J.

  2. Yay! Love this photo recap. I’m glad you are back from the week, but also happy you took some time for yourself!!! We allll need breaks sometimes to recharge and recenter =)

  3. Bun

    glad you gave yourself a few days to regroup- sometimes that’s all it takes to put you back on track mood-wise. you look gorgeous in that photo btw!!! your lipstick looks fab. xoxo

  4. Welcome back, darling! I’m so glad you’re feeling more like yourself, and that you two got to spend some time together. xoxox

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