impromptu poolside toenail sugery

I had a great weekend. David flew into Dallas Thursday night, and it was so nice to have him visit. We spent Saturday relaxing, organizing, and dreaming. Sunday we brunched, I dropped David off at the airport, took a giant nap, babysat the kids and browsed Pinterest. Too short, but really nice.

But Friday night, our southern comfort food and poolside relaxing was interrupted by an impromptu poolside toenail surgery… To set the scene, it was dusk. The kids were swimming, the parents grilling and chatting. Yolanda’s neighbor and friend is a doctor, so I asked about my terrible ingrown toenail. When she offered to help fix it, I had no idea what I was getting into. What followed was two hours of toenail extraction. There was blood. There was pus. There were frightened children and faint husbands milling about while I sobbed and screamed like I was having my foot sawed off. It was severely ingrown and infected. I have had issues before, but with the exception of one doctor’s visit, I have maintained it with a good pedicure for years. All of this went down at the side of the pool with five kids, three dogs, two sets of parents and David and I. I really am beyond grateful that everyone pulled together to fix my toe. But it still feels a little surreal. Sorry to share the gruesome details, but really this description was PG all things considered. My toe is on the up and up. I am disinfecting like crazy and it is already feeling so much better. But again, it was totally bizarre, hilarious and painful.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Toe injuries are so painful, feel better, lady =)

  2. Wow, she really got down to business! Glad your toe is on the mend!

  3. Laura

    Oh, ouch. You have my sympathies, I get ingrown toenails from time to time and twice in my life they’ve gotten so bad that they’ve been infected like that. Both times I have performed the toenail surgery remedy myself with no real tools except clippers. It’s disgusting and painful but over with quickly. And then it feels SO much better!

  4. YIKES! Thank goodness it’s taken care of–it must have been hurting like hell!

  5. Glad to hear that your toe is on the mend, it must have been causing you pain for quite some time!

  6. wow, what a neighbor and friend! Thanks for sharing. nothing like impromptu surgery in front of an unassuming crowd!

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