ladies who lunch

Yes, Ruby and I are ladies who lunch. Or, I lunch, and she keeps a running commentary going while looking adorable and drawing princesses on a notepad we conned from the manager. Last week we tried Taco Diner together. I die over their brisket tacos. It is amazing how Rubes can melt the heart of anyone who sees her. Large groups of business men stopped by the table and complemented her on her hair clip, her curls, her smile. It was sweet and creepy all rolled into one. After lunch we did some window shopping and indulged in gelato. It was a very fancy girls date and I loved it. xo
PS please note Ruby’s purse and “high heels”. Yes. She actually embodies everything I love.

The faces of pure delight that ice cream brings:

(All images from my iPhone with the app Camera + )


  1. I just can’t handle all the adorable!!

  2. Ok this is just too cute. Love her purse :-)

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