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last days of summer

These last few weeks have been full of ups and downs, changes, visits. I am such a mixed bag/ basket case right now. My sister drove in from Austin last week so of course we piled into bed with my mom and my dogs for an afternoon chat and a bit of silliness. This included me posting pictures of Liza Minnelli to Facebook and tagging my sister in them. At least I think I’m hilarious. We cleaned up and took my dad out for a birthday dinner after that (check out the personalized menu my sis arranged).  David arrived in town Wednesday night, to find me and a six in haircut awaiting him. I think I love my hair… but I am struggling with not being able to throw it in a bug on long side braid. Finally, the kids went back to school yesterday, so this is officially my last week working as governess for the Taylor Family. Oh. I love these kids… this is going to be a tricky week. I am sad about not hearing the smart/creative/funny things that come out of them everyday, but I am excited to start a new chapter- IN DALLAS! That’s right. We are sticking around if things go as planned. I think I am going to have a chunk of time to blog today, so I am looking forward to that as well! Get excited, all of the September magazines are definitely inspiring me! xo

The bed lounging/dinner out…



THE hair cut…

First day of school!




  1. Um, your hair is gorgeous. As are you! Love this post.

    You’re moving to Dallas for good? No more Houston? Say what??

    • Ailee, thank you. Today I hate my hair, but I am just learning to manage it. I think we are moving for good. But I heard we are seeing you in Houston soon.

  2. How freakin’ cute to all of it. You know I love the haircut…and those school year signs are smart!! Can’t wait to see your coming posts =)

  3. Staying in DALLAS?!?!?!???? Does this mean we’ll finally get to meet in October? I just threw up on my shoes.

  4. Shana

    Chelsea, your haircut is adorable! I love the length, super flattering on you!

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