living for the weekend

What a weekend!  My mom and I cranked out wedding plans like nobody’s business… and then we had fun.  Michelle, Steve and Tyler headed over for a fabulous dinner planned by my mom.  There are no photos of the actual dinner, because we just devoured it.  While preparing brownie sundaes, Tyler discovered that filling raspberries with chocolate syrup is pretty much the best.  A raspberry snatching/hoarding/eating fest ensued.  Yum.  I think some kind of Nutella and raspberry concoction is in my future.  The evening wrapped up with a game of Cranium that Michelle, Steve and I rocked!  My mom headed home Sunday afternoon.  She will be missed by all, but I will comfort myself with leftovers. Um, yeah.  Did I mention she is an AMAZING cook?

This is Steve looking like a Who from Whoville

This dog doesn’t get more relaxed

Michelle’s drawing of sweet tooth (eyes open), My drawing of seasick (eyes closed)



  1. This is your mom? Looks like she could be one of your friends, she’s gorgeous!

  2. I should have joined your team, Chels… It was a mistake! You never lose!

  3. Katrina the awesome

    try graham crackers with nutella and raspberries on top! soooo good!

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