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The Saturday before Halloween I helped my mom and step-dad get ready for an event. Halloween already seems like it was a million years ago, but I wanted to pop and in and share the Dia de los Muertos look I created for them.

I made the headpiece and did their makeup. I would tell you that it was fun, but it was stressful. I erupted into perfectionist mode. I had never painted anyone’s face before to this extent, so it’s not surprising that I quickly became frustrated. But it was fun as well. I loved taking their pictures before they left. You know, just photographing two skeletons on their way to the dance. They were adorable drinking from straws so to not smear their makeup before they headed out. Thanks for letting my play dress up, Mom and Paul! More photos after the jump…




  1. Incredible! Your mom’s headpiece really pulls it all together =)

  2. This is just BEYOND!

  3. rox

    omg I love this…that’s so rad they were willing to go all out like that!!

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