need last minute ideas?

Yeah, so, tomorrow is my birthday.  My inner diva loves a day all about me and presents.  That same diva in me also resists getting older with a passion.  Whatever.  Here are some fun gift ideas for staying in or going out.  This post could also just be called, random things I love and want.

1. Jujube Heels, 2. Butter London in Knackered, 3.  Pop Flower, 4.  Paperself Deer and Butterfly

1. Deborah Turbeville, The Fashion Pictures, 2.  Toast Throw


  1. Happy early birthday! I love your picks and nothing beats a night in sometimes, but those shoes and bright pink clip seem perfect for a birthday celebration :)

  2. Happy early birthday! Have a beautiful and amazing one, wishing you loads of happiness!

  3. Happy happy early birthday! I know no matter what you guys get into tomorrow that I’ll be a wonderful day!

  4. “He’s coming for the party?” — That just made my day! Happy b-day!

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